About Us


Welcome to the family...
We are a socially and environmentally conscious women’s intimate wear brand for the young at heart! Born out of the passion for equality, our vision is to build a world where women from all corners of society empower each other. Our exciting brand carries this social message and by choosing us, you support our campaign for women empowerment!


What makes us different from other fast fashion brands? We are driven, not only by our social, but also our environmental consciousness! all our products are made from 100% up-cycled cotton fabrics using zero waste production techniques. Moreover, we have a range of ‘organic’ underwear in all our collections. Additionally, we pack our products in environment-friendly cotton pouches that can be re-used over and over again!
Need we say more ?!


Underwear is a basic need for all women, especially during menstruation. However, statistical reports from rural and remote parts of India indicate that rural women do not have access to this basic commodity. We want to empower these women by providing them underwear and therefore seek your support in carrying out our campaign very soon!
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